Mission Statement

The Ulster-Scots and Irish Unionist Resource is a site dedicated to non-sectarian, non-racist unionism within Great Britian & Ireland. It is my belief that the union benefits ALL the peoples of these islands. It is my hope that one day there will be some form of decentralised federal UK government comprising the devolved assemblies and parliaments from Great Britian (England, Scotland, Wales), Ireland (Republic of Ireland/Eire & N. Ireland/Ulster), the Channel Isles (Guernsey & Jersey), and the Isle of Man. Only this way will Unionism and Nationalism (of all the constituent parts of the British Isles) be reconciled. It will promote a fair and equal society based on democracy, law and order.

It will stand along side the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in offering civil and religious liberties, human rights and freedom of speech and expression. Everyone will have the right to express there culture in peace in a multi-ethnic, culturally diverse UK encompassing English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Ulster-Scots, Manx, British, Black-British, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and more with Catholics, Protestants, Jehovahs Witness, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists all co-existing peacefully. To me `Britishness` mutually co-exists with all the cultures throughout these islands. We are ALL connected through a common language, a backbone of common culture, along with thousands of years of trade, immigration and marriage between the people of these islands.

The Ulster-Scots and Irish Unionist Resource is also dedicated to promoting Ulster-Scots heritage and culture. There are thousands of Irish sites on the web, but very few about Ulster-Scots. Whilst Ulster-Scots is the main focus I have tried to provide links to Scottish, Irish, Welsh and other UK minority cultural sites as a start to mutually promoting, understanding and respecting the cultural diversity of the people of the British Isles.

The site is also intended to provide many, many links to sites about Ulster, Ireland, UK, Unionism, Loyalism and more.

I hope you like the site. Please get in contact with any complaints, recommendations or comments. They are most welcome.



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