This section of the site is still under development. It is intended to discuss the various terrorist groups, particularly the loyalist groups but also the republican groups, their reasoning, ideology and political objectives. I must state now unequivocally that I condemn ALL violence, bigotry and sectarianism and this section of the site in no way endorses paramilitaries / terrorists, bigotry, sectarianism or hatred. In fact it is intended to help bring about a change in Irish / Ulster politics and leave such nonsense in the past where it belongs.

Below are a few links to anti-terrorist sites and anaylisis of terrorism sites.

The PSNI  The Police Service of Northern Irelnad (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary). 
The UK Police Services  The main UK Police Service site with links to all UK Police Forces. 
An Garda Siochana  An Garda Siochana - Irelands National Police Service. 
The FBI  The U.S.A`s Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
CAIN  CAIN Northern Ireland Conflict, Politics, & Society. Information on 'the troubles'. 
INCORE  INitiative on COnflict Resolution and Ethnicity. 
ARK  Northern Ireland Social and Political Archive. 
NILT  Northern Ireland Life and Times. 
ORB  Online Research Bank. 
Terrorism: Questions and Answers  US Council for Foreign Relations. 
Terrorism Research Center, Inc.  Terrorism Research Center, Inc. 
The Cobra Institute  The Cobra Institute. 
The ICT  The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. 
The Counter-Terrorism Page  The Counter-Terrorism Page. 
FEMA Factsheet  Federal Emergency Management Agency - Terrorist Factsheet. 
FAS - Terrorism  Federation of American Scientists - Terrorist Section . 
FAS - Intelligence Resource  Federation of American Scientists - Intelligence Section . 
FAS  Federation of American Scientists . 
ERRI  ERRI Counter-Terrorism Archive . 
CDI  CDI Terrorism Project . 
The CIA  The U.S.A`s Central Intelligence Agency . 
The CIA World Fact Book  The CIA World Fact Book . 

WARNING - Paramilitary Groups - WARNING

Below are links to my pages for the various paramilitary groups - particularly focusing on the loyalist groupings. I hope to include full histories of each group along with articles, political analysis, pictures and perhaps some links. This is the more unsavoury side of loyalism and republicanism. There are good points and bad points but I cannot stress enough that I condemn sectarianism, violence, discrimination and hatred of any kind. This site fully supports the war on ALL terrorism. As stated on the front page, this site is against censorship, so please be aware that this section is warts and all and MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN UNSUITABLE CONTENT for children, the easily offended or easily disturbed.

The Ulster Volunteer Force  Analysis of the UVF - Ulsters 36th Division which lost 10,000 men at the battle of the Somme in World War 1. 
The Ulster Defence Association  Analysis of the UDA/UFF - commonly associated with Johnny Adair and his UFF C Company (Ulster Freedom Fighters). 
The Loyalist Volunteer Force  Analysis of the LVF - a hardline breakaway group from the UVF. 
Other Loyalist Paramilitaries  Analysis of the smaller loyalist groups and/or cover names for the mainstream groups. 
The Irish Republican Army  Analysis of the IRA. 
The Provisional Irish Republican Army  Analysis of the PIRA which formed out of the old IRA. 
The Real Irish Republican Army  Analysis of the RIRA - responsible for the Omagh bomb. 
The Continuity Irish Republican Army  Analysis of the CIRA. 
The Irish National Liberation Army  Analysis of the INLA. 
Other Republican Groups  Analysis of the smaller Republican groups and/or cover names for the mainstream groups. 

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